Welcome to Our Practice

Welcome to Our Practice

San Diego's Custom Orthotics, Comfort &
Diabetic Shoe Experts.

Our philosophy is that foot pain is not normal. 

The Active Foot Store is a unique store, conveniently located in the Costa Verde Shopping Center, in the UTC (La Jolla) area, features a very large selection of comfort shoes, orthotics and foot health products.

Our expert shoe fitters (pedorthotists) will find the perfect shoe for you from our wide range of shoes and sandals, in sizes and shapes to fit almost any foot.

We are also experts in the manufacture and fitting of custom orthotics for all activities and all types of shoes

The Active Foot Store also has the products to help relieve a long list of common foot and ankle problems such as:

  • arch pain (plantar fasciitis)
  • heel pain
  • bunions and hammertoes
  • calluses and corns
  • knee and low back pain
  • diabetic foot problems
  • knee and lower back pain

Don’t suffer needlessly!

Only The Active Foot Store combines a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, an on-site pedorthist and highly trained staff with state-of-the-art equipment to provide custom-made orthotic inserts and custom-fitted shoes. Also available are a comprehensive inventory of foot health products, including specially formulated creams, podiatrist-selected pads, and inserts.  The Active Foot Store can help you maintain your active, healthy lifestyle. Come by for a free evaluation, with no obligation whatsoever.

Medicare provides special shoes and innersoles for diabetics.

For individuals with diabetes decreased sensation and circulation are common problems.  This can result in injuries and sores that aren't always detected right away.  For this reason, diabetics are very susceptible to skin ulcerations and infections.  The number one reason for diabetics to be hospitalized is a foot infection.  In fact, roughly 22% of all diabetics will be hospitalized with the foot infection during their lifetime.  Unfortunately, these problems can be very difficult to resolve, and diabetic foot infection is the most common cause of amputation in the United States.  Over 100,000 amputatuions will be performed in the United States next year.

Remember, for the diabetic individual,
prevention is always wise.

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Costa Verde Shopping Center
8650 Genesee Ave. Ste 222
San Diego, CA 92122

Store: (858) 453-5057
* Spa: (858) 848-1772

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