About Our Orthotics


The Active Foot Store knows first hand how foot pain and problems can affect your life!  For over 20 years, The Active Foot Store has been a leader in fabrication of custom orthotics and has been helping people with all types of foot, ankle, knee and back problems.  The Active Foot Stores’ orthotics are individually made inserts that fit into your shoes, gently realigning your foot position as you walk and stand.  By standing and walking on an electronic force plate, a 3-dimensional impression of your foot is taken.  This produces an incredibly accurate impression of your individual foot structure is then transferred to a "state-of-the-art" computer aided design (CAD) system and modified according to your individual needs.  The orthotics will be constructed from your foot model, again taking into account your individual needs.  This will result is a much more ideal walk and relief from common complaints associated with standing, walking or athletics.  No two feet are exactly alike and no two orthotics should be exactly alike.

Ideal Walking
As we walk (gait) our feet ideally move in different directions, supination and pronation.  Our arches rise up and lock into place (supination), when we are preparing to take a step. When we land our arches unlock and start to lower (pronation), allowing us to absorb shock.  Ideally our foot should go through both these motions in normal walking.  Unfortunately not everyone is built perfectly and often our arches unlock excessively or fail to lock properly.  This is sometimes referred to as a "flat foot" or "fallen arches" or "collapsed arches." When the foot collapses or rolls in excessively, the leg, which is attached at the ankle, has no choice but to rotate internally.  This excessive rotation of the limb results in abnormal pressures on the knee and low back.  Also, the body absorbs shock as the foot pronates and if it cannot pronate because it is already pronated, then the shock will be transferred into the legs, knees and back.  Think of our feet like the shock absorbers on a car.  The shocks absorb shock by shortening.  But, if the shock absorber has completely shortened, then it cannot absorb any more shock.  In other words, if our foot is fully collapsed, then it cannot absorb any more shock and we feel the stresses of walking in our bodies.

How Orthotics Relieve Pain
In general, most foot, leg, knee or back pains are due to faulty position of your feet during standing, walking or running.  By "realigning them" or helping your feet function closer to their ideal position, many of the stresses and strains on your body are eliminated, resulting in relief of pain.  When we are sitting or lying down, our feet move freely at the ankles without affecting the body, but when we stand our body moves around a fixed point, our feet.  If our feet move incorrectly then our body will move incorrectly, resulting in a variety of strains and pains.  Try this.  Stand barefoot and roll up your pant leg.  Now roll your arch up and down and look at the position of your leg and knee.  Where the foot goes, the leg has to follow.  The Active Foot Stores’ orthotics will help you function in a better position and alleviate these strains and pains.

How Orthotics Can Improve Sports Performance
The Active Foot Stores’ orthotics not only increases your performance level, but also protects your body. Minor imbalances of the foot may not be a problem with normal daily activity, but the increased demands sports put on your feet makes you vulnerable to injury. By having your feet function in their ideal position your performance and protection is optimized.

Orthotic Types
Different activities and situations puts specific demands on your feet and for this reason The Active Foot Store makes orthotics for everyone and every problem.  The Active Foot Store produces orthotics for children, adults and seniors, as well as orthotics for both dress and athletic shoes.  We specialize in many different orthotic types and also have a large selection of custom orthotic sandals.

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