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It’s not at all uncommon to suffer from sore, pained feet. When your arches hurt, walking and standing can become unbearably painful. In our San Diego County store, we help you to find arch supports that fit your feet as well as your shoes. Arch supports are cost-effective, mass-produced shoe inserts that fit a variety of foot sizes and shapes. They’re discreet, and they can be used in a wide range of men’s and women’s shoes.

Why Arch Support Is Important

Arch support is important because it helps to improve the functionality of your foot. Arch supports may also help to lessen your pain. We have arch supports in a variety of shapes because feet come in a variety of shapes. The ball and arch of the foot do not have a lot of cushioning to protect them from the constant impact of walking. If you have either high or low arches, or if you’re constantly walking, your feet experience a lot of stress to the soft tissue. People with flat feet usually need some type of arch support. Flat feet are those that have little curvature to the middle section of the foot’s sole. The plantar fascia, which is the ligament that makes up the longitudinal arch, may be overstretched in people with low arches or people who are constantly in motion. This condition is sometimes referred to as plantar fasciitis or heel spur syndrome.

How Arch Supports Could Improve Your Foot Conditions

Arch supports help to distribute the force that your foot experiences when you take a step. With each step, your foot experiences three to four times your body weight in force. Over the course of the day, this could cause you to have sore, achy feet, partially due to the fact that most shoes provide little to no arch support. When using arch supports, people with inflammation in the arch or ball of the foot will experience a decrease in their level of pain and discomfort. The arch supports are particularly helpful for reducing the pain of conditions such as sesamoiditis, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, and generalized aching.

Types and Brands of Arch Supports

We have children’s, men’s, and women’s arch supports. Although most of these products are designed to fit in sports and casual shoes, we also carry ones that can fit into dressier women’s shoes. The supports vary by the height or curve of the arch, the thickness, and the firmness of the material. Some arch supports are nearly flat with a soft surface while others have a considerable curve, a semi-rigid plastic backing, and a contoured foot bed. We also have arch support products that fit into high-heeled shoes. The brands we carry include Cadence, Powerstep, Spenco, and KLM. We have selected these brands because of the product quality and the amount of support they provide.

We’re located in the Kearny Mesa area, and our staff is always happy to help you choose the arch supports best suited to the activities that you do and the size of your feet. If you have any foot conditions, we can assist you with selecting arch supports that could help.

For more inquiries about arch supports, contact us.

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