Corns & Callouses

When there is irritation or friction on the skin, the skin reacts to this by building up a dead thick layer, called a corn or callous.  This is the body’s attempt to protect the skin from irritation.  Unfortunately, after a while pain occurs as a result of the hard dead skin pressing against the bone, pinching the soft tissue of the foot.  When this occurs on the toes they are called corns and when this occurs on the foot it is referred to as a callus.

Calluses are usually found on the soles and sides of feet and are a buildup of the dead outside layer of your skin (epidermis).  Although they can be anywhere on the sole, they most often occur under the "balls" of your feet.  They occur as a result of abnormal forces or friction on the skin due to improper foot function during walking and running.  The type of callus and symptom depends on the type of abnormal foot function.  This explains why different calluses can have different symptoms, even on the same person.  People describe the pain associated with calluses several different ways.  It may be described as a burning or aching and occasionally as a sharp, pinpoint pain, such as "standing on a pebble."  Often people will believe they have stepped on something when in fact it is a buildup of the dead skin on the sole.  No matter what the type of pain, it is an abnormal walk that causes this pain and for this reason walking closer to your ideal gait with The Active Foot Stores’ orthotics will help.

Corns are the result of irritation or friction on the skin of toes.  This irritation can be from ill fitting shoes, two toes that rub against one another or if the toe is contracted, such as a hammertoe, from the ground.  The Active Foot Store has many solutions, including smart designed shoes, special gel pads to protect the foot and specialized creams to remove the build up of dead skin.

Other things such as poor circulation, poor nutrition and normal changes to the skin associated with age can aggravate these conditions and magnify the pain.

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