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Custom Fitted Shoes and Innersoles Are Available to Diabetics at No Cost to Them

According to Jack A. Reingold, a board-certified podiatrist in Solana Beach (, the #1 reason for diabetics to be hospitalized is foot problems.  This is because many diabetics not only have circulatory problems, but also lack sensation in their feet.  All too often patients have serious problems that could have been avoided with simple preventive care.  This care consists of periodic visits to their podiatrist as well as proper shoe gear.  Proper fitting shoes are so important that Medicare will provide each qualified diabetic one pair of custom fitted shoes every year.

There has been a staggering 33% increase of Americans with diabetes in the last decade alone.  Diabetes is now a leading cause of blindness, kidney disease and amputations.  More than 3/4 of the amputations in United States, approaching 125,000 per year, are the result of diabetic foot complications.  Medicare has determined that preventing these problems will save the government money and proper fitting shoes are part of the answer.

Individuals with diabetes will often experience foot problems, not only due to direct injury, but also due to changes in walking which can result in pressure or stress points on the foot.  These problems make it essential for diabetics to have properly fitted shoes.  The guidelines are simple:

  1. The patient's treating physician (M.D.) is to certify that the patient is being treated for diabetes and is at risk for a foot problem. 
  2. The patient's treating physician or podiatrist determines that the patient is being is at risk for a foot problem.  (We can help if you don’t have a podiatrist.)

The risk factors are numerous and a great number of diabetics qualify for the shoe program.  Some of these factors are decreased sensation, corn or callus formation, hammertoes or bunions, poor circulation and previous skin sores (ulcerations).

Medicare will now provide eligible diabetics with one pair custom fitted depth shoes and three molded arch supports every calendar year (January 1 through December 31).  Medicare pays 80% of cost of this service and 20% is paid by you or your secondary insurance.  The Active Foot Store participates in this program and will take care of all of the necessary paperwork.  Their highly trained staff can ensure you the proper shoe and fit.

Dr. Reingold serves as the medical director of The Active Foot Store, located in the La Jolla-University City area.  This one-of-a-kind store carries a large selection of comfortable shoes, arch supports and footpads.  Their staff has received specialized training and is highly skilled in the fitting of shoes and arch supports.  They also participate in the Medicare shoe program for diabetics.  They even offer shoe fitting appointments at no charge and can be reached at (858) 453-5057.  More information can be found at

Costa Verde Shopping Center, 8650 Genesee Ave. Ste 222

San Diego, CA 92122

(858) 453-5057



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