Diabetic Shoes

Diabetes and Shoes

Do you or someone you know have diabetes?  Almost all people with diabetes will have foot problems during their lifetime.  If you are a diabetic, you may be at risk of developing serious foot infections and ulcerations that often lead to amputation.  In the United States the # 1 reason for a diabetic to be hospitalized is a foot problem.  The # 1 reason for amputation in the United States is diabetic foot problems (86,000 diabetic amputations in 1996).  80% of these life-altering amputations could have been prevented.  Proper shoe gear plays an essential part in prevention.  It is so important that Medicare and some private insurance will even supply you with a pair at no cost!

Why Might You Need Therapeutic Shoes?
One of the most common complications of diabetes is a loss of feeling, or sensation in the feet.  This lack of feeling puts people with diabetes at risk for skin breakdown, ulceration and infection.  Shoes that fit improperly can result in corns on toes and blisters on the feet, each a potential site for a skin ulceration.  Each year, over 80,000 people with diabetes lose a part of their foot or their entire leg because of complications related to their disease.  These skin ulcers can progress to serious limb and even life threatening situations.  Therapeutic shoes protect and support the feet, helping to alleviate the problems that may arise from improper footwear.  The Active Foot Store can supply and fit you with special shoes.

You May Qualify For Free Shoes From Medicare Or Your Medical Insurance.
Medicare and many private insurance plans recognize the importance of preventive foot care for diabetics, because preventive foot care can significantly reduce the risk of complications.  If you are a diabetic and covered by Medicare, you may be eligible to receive one pair of high quality shoes and three pairs of removable, protective shoe inserts each calendar year.  To be eligible, patients with Medicare must be under the care of a physician for their diabetes, be at risk for a foot problem and have therapeutic shoes prescribed by the doctor.

If you qualify for these important products and have supplemental insurance, the cost of the entire program is covered.  The Active Foot Store will take care of all necessary work, including obtaining the prescription from your doctor and submitting all the billing paperwork to Medicare and your secondary insurance.  Eligibility in diabetic shoe programs may be covered by other insurances, ask your insurance plan if they have a diabetic shoe program. The Active Foot Store can supply and fit you with special shoes.

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