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Medicare Diabetic Benefits

Foot problems like infections and ulcerations are common among those living with diabetes, and roughly 22% of people with this condition will be hospitalized with a foot infection secondary to a skin ulceration at some point. If you have diabetes, you’re probably well-acquainted with the potential and often progressive foot numbness and decreased circulation that often accompany the condition. Finding the right shoes is critical because conventional footwear simply doesn’t offer the protection and comfort that you need.

Diabetic foot infection is the most common cause of foot amputation in the U.S., so selecting the right shoes is more than just a matter of comfort and convenience; it’s medically advisable. That’s why Medicare covers diabetic footwear for eligible members. Diabetic shoes can significantly reduce a person’s risk of complications, and The Active Foot Store is an approved Medicare supplier.

Medicare recognizes the importance of quality diabetic footwear. When you consider that 80,000 people with diabetes lose their foot or entire leg annually due to complications of the disorder, preventing infection is of critical importance. In fact, as many as 80% of these amputations are preventable with the right lifestyle changes and footwear. Eligible Medicare recipients with diabetes may receive one pair of high-quality diabetic shoes and three pairs of protective removable inserts per year, completely free of charge. To be eligible, you must be at risk for foot-related complications and have therapeutic shoes prescribed by your doctor.

As long as you are under the care of a doctor for diabetes, The Active Foot Store can take care of the rest. In fact, many doctors throughout Southern California recommend us to their Medicare patients because we not only are Medicare-approved but also offer the best selection of diabetic footwear in the state. We’ll obtain the prescription on your behalf, file the paperwork, and submit all of the necessary information to Medicare and—if eligible—your supplemental insurance company. Most importantly, we’ll help you find the ideal fit.

Our expert shoe fitters are highly experienced with diabetic footwear, and each fitting is carefully reviewed by our expert staff under the direction of our Medical Director, Dr. Jack Reingold. The fitting is an essential part of the process, and we take our time to get it right because improperly fitting shoes can lead to corns, blisters, and ultimately skin ulcerations. These ulcers can be painful and even dangerous, but the right therapeutic shoes can offer the protection and comfort you need to keep your feet in excellent condition.

If you need diabetic footwear, visit The Active Foot Store today. Our knowledgeable, caring team is ready to help you find your perfect pair of diabetic shoes and manage the entire Medicare paperwork process on your behalf.

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