Not all orthotics are created equally!

For over 20 years Active Feet has been a leader in the manufacture of custom fabricated orthotics. We utilize the most technologically advanced system and state-of-the-art materials to produce the finest orthotics anywhere! Our orthotics are truly "medical grade."  Only The Active Foot Store combines an on-site pedorthist and highly trained staff with state-of-the-art equipment to provide custom-made orthotic inserts and custom-fitted shoes.   The Active Foot Store can help you maintain your active, healthy lifestyle. Call to schedule a free evaluation, with no obligation whatsoever.

Sports Orthotic for Men and Women
Designed for the active individual for use in an athletic style shoe. These offer maximum benefits by providing excellent foot and leg function. Protects against injury by providing superior shock absorption. Great for golf, running, and all sports.

Product description: Semi-rigid molded shell with soft cover extending to toes (full innersole). Dense shock absorbing material under ball of foot. Has extra deep heel cup for maximum control of foot function.

Casual Orthotics for Men or Woman
Designed for everyday use in casual low-heeled shoes. Provides relief of everyday pain and fatigue by supporting the foot in its ideal position in the shoe.

Product description: Semi-rigid molded shell with no cover. Takes up the minimum amount of space, yet still controls foot function.

Fashion Orthotics for Women
Designed for fashionable women's shoes with a heel. These offer support and relief of postural and foot pains associated with women's dress shoes. For those times when a woman has to dress up and other shoes will not do.  

Product description: Semi-rigid molded shell with top cover only extending to ball of foot. Narrower than regular orthotics to ensure a good shoe fit. Thin shock absorbing material under ball of foot to provide relief of stress of high heels and still not take up too much room. Provides good control of foot function.

Diabetic and Sensitive Feet Orthotics
Designed for those individuals who need both protection and accommodation of their feet. Ideally suited for the older individual who has sensitive feet. Also ideal for diabetics who need protection of insensitive feet. Fits roomier shoes.

Product description: Full length soft molded shell. Providing maximum protection against friction and shock absorption at the same time. Provides good control of foot function.

Children's Orthotics
Designed for that still developing individual who needs support. Will help alleviate many of the symptoms associated with flat feet by gently guiding the foot into a more normal position. Fits virtually all children's shoes.

Product description: Rigid molded shell with extra deep heel cup. Provides maximum control of foot function in the still flexible growing foot.