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Many people have a particular spot on a foot or toe that hurts or gets a sore or blister on it. This may be due to the shape of the foot, such as with bunions and hammertoes, or can be due to the way someone walks. Foot pads and cushions are small, thin pieces of different types of materials. They can help anyone who has a spot on the foot or toe that persistently gets a blister, callus, or corn. They are also helpful for reducing pressure, pain, and inflammation on certain spots of the foot. Our retail store in the Kearny Mesa area has the largest selection of these products in Southern California. Our staff can help you to select the right type of foot pads and cushions for any foot condition that you may have.

How Foot Pads and Cushions Could Improve Foot Conditions

Blisters, calluses, and corns are all caused by a combination of pressure and stress on the skin. Foot pads and cushions reduce the amount of pressure and friction on the area of the foot where they are worn or placed. For example, women who wear high-heeled shoes often have a lot of pressure and pain on the ball of the foot. Metatarsal foot cushions provide a comfortable surface and extra support for this part of the foot, reducing aches and pains. If there is a part of your foot that experiences too much friction, little foot pads protect your foot from the rubbing. For example, if you have a bunion, it might rub on a specific area of the top or side of your shoe, causing a blister. A pad would help the skin to heal and protect against future blisters.

Types of Pads and Cushions for Feet

There are many types of pads and cushions for the feet. Some cushions contain an inner layer of gel, which helps to soften the impacts of steps. Others consist of foam, which also lessens impacts. Moleskin is a thin covering that aids in protecting against blisters. Some pads and cushions are placed directly onto the foot while others slide into your shoe. In our store, we carry many brands of foot pads and cushions.

The moleskin foot pads and corn and callus pads last for about a week. The heel and metatarsal cushions last for one to two months before they need to be replaced. Many people find that it is convenient to buy a few pairs of pads or cushions so they do not have to switch them between different pairs of shoes.

Ideal Candidates for Pads and Cushions

Anyone who has foot pain, corns, calluses, or blisters could benefit from pads and cushions. If you have a diagnosed condition of the foot, such as hammertoes, a bunion, or sesamoiditis, cushions could reduce your pain. We have a different-shaped pad or cushion for every foot problem you can think of. If you spend a lot of time on your feet or you are active and want to build endurance, foot pads and cushions will increase your comfort.

If you’re looking to achieve relief from your foot pain, our staff in San Diego County will gladly help you choose products that are best suited to your situation.

For more inquiries about pads and cushions, contact us.

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