We specialize in custom fitting of shoe wear for all activities. Our highly trained staff will evaluate the shape of your foot, your activity needs and any specific foot problem that you have prior to us making suggestions. Virtually all of our shoes come in multiple widths and in sizes from 4 1/2 to 15. We take pride in being able to fit any shape foot, whether you have hammertoes, bunions, low arches or high arches. We also specialize in fitting of therapeutic shoes for diabetics and we are approved by Medicare as a supplier.


Shoe Anatomy

The Box - The portion of the forepart of the shoe that covers the toes
Vamp - The front portion of the shoe leading from the arch region up toward the toes
Throat - The place where the tongue meets vamp
Collar - The top rim portion of the shoe
Tongue - The material that lies under the laces

Heel counter - The stiffened material that is curved around the heel
Insole - Extra strip of material put inside a shoe for comfort or protection
Inlay - The removable liner found within the shoe

Midsole - The mid portion of the sole of the shoe generally made out of cushioned foams materials in athletic shoes
Outsole - Generally constructed from durable materials including leather and rubber

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Shoe Brands

  • Aetrex
  • Klogs
  • Dr. Comfort
  • PW Minor
  • Drew
  • Mt. Emey/Apis
  • Orthaheel
  • Naot
  • La Plume

Foot Health Products

  • Custom molded functional orthotics- for foot, ankle, knee and low back pain
  • Custom molded shoes- for individuals whose feet do fit into regular shoes
  • Diabetic Shoes and Inserts- to protect sensitive feet
  • Extra-depth style Shoes- for people with hammertoes and bunions
  • Extra-Wide Style Shoes- so we can fit any foot
  • Shoe care and restoration products- take care of your valuable investments
  • Sandals with built in arch supports- comfort when not wearing shoes
  • Stable/Motion control (anti-pronation) Walking/Running Shoes- to provide you with maximium confort
  • Casual shoes and stable shoes that can fit orthotics- so you do not always have to wear athletic shoes.
  • Innersole cushions and arch supports- to proide comfort for those who do not need a custom made device
  • Seamless Diabetic Socks- protects feet and avoids problems 
  • Support Compression Socks for both men and woman- prevents swelling and provides comfort
  • Cushions and pads for toes and feet- to prevent corns,callouses and provide comfort
  • Hammertoe and Bunion Splints- to take the pressure off the toes
  • Child’s and arch supports- small feet still need big support
  • Heel lifts- to keep you balanced
  • Extra Strength Dry Skin creamlatex free, fragrance free and dye free
  • Night splints- for plantar fasciitis
  • Ankle Braces- to help you heel and keep you active.
  • Waterproof Cast Protectorso you can bathe and not get your cast wet