What Customers Are Saying

"I owe you my deepest gratitude for giving me back my prematurely lost youth. In 2004, at age 46, I trudged like a 90-year-old, in constant pain. In the past, orthotics had not helped; Birckenstocks worked well for a few years then stopped. I didn't know what to short of curtailing my activities (hard to do with young children).

Last year I was skeptical that Dr. Reingold could help me. But after adjusting to my new orthotics, and after reconciling myself to the fact that I had to spend more than $50 for a pair of shoes, the difference was amazing. After a few months, I began to notice a bounce in my gait that I thought I had lost for good. And there was a corresponding uplift in my emotional state, which had grown quite depressed when every step was excruciating.

I am writing now because we just got back from our annual summer trip in the country, where I found myself walking 3-6 miles a day. This was something I used to do as a teenager and had forgotten about it. After the longest walks, my legs ached-but not my feet!

For me, orthotics and good footwear have proved to be a fountain of youth. I wish the same to all of your patients, and I thank you again for your work with me and my family. (My son, whom you also fitted with orthotics, has been accompanying me on some of these excursions, to our great mutual satisfaction.)" - William P. Ph.D.

"My entire experience with The Active Foot Store has been just wonderful. He and his entire staff are extremely caring and efficient. I would recommend The Active Foot Store to anyone in need foot care products." - May K.

"Before I came to The Active Foot Store I researched several shoe stores. After checking out their website I decided to make an appointment at the store. The staff is amazing. They are caring and kind to everyone and Connie is incredible. She spends time with her customers and explains why certain shoes are best for your feet. You can tell that she actually cares about her customer and is proud of her work. She loves what she does. Since I received my custom orthotics and I new pair of shoes my foot pain has diminished. Coming to this store was a great decision. I would trust my feet again to Connie and the store's entire staff. They really know there stuff." - Jay L.

"It is simple. The Active Foot Store is the BEST shoe store in San Diego. As a diabetic I have a lot of foot problems and The Active Foot Store is simply great! I would highly recommend them to any diabetic with foot pain.  They put your shoes on for you and make sure they fit well and are the right type of shoe for you. They also take Medicare which is great! I only wish I had found them sooner." - Susan S.

"I was weary of getting an orthotic even though I knew I needed one for my heel pain. I am a young guy and I didn't want to end up with clunky ugly shoes. I was really surprised that the Active Foot Store has such a wide selection of shoes. They also have catalogs with additional styles and colors they can order for you and the shoes are very stylish, especially comfort shoes. Every shoe in their store can take an orthotic. I was so thrilled I bought 3 pairs! Don't suffer through the heel pain come see what the Active Foot Store can do to help you. Their staff is really friendly!" - Mark S.

"Thank you all for your help and for making my shopping experience so easy and fun. I know it is your job, but is always great to be part of a job well done. So thank you and your team. You all made this experience very pleasant." - John F.

"I saw an ad in the paper during National Doctor's Day. I went in the store skeptical that they could help my with my foot pain. I have purchase various over the counter orthotics, shoe inserts and shoes before but nothing helped. After a few weeks with my new CUSTOM MADE orthotics my feet feel better than ever. Do yourself a favor and go see what the Active Foot Store can do for you." - Kelly G.

"I can't tell you what a difference my orthotics have made! It's only taken me a week to have them pretty well broken in. Coming to see you was the smartest thing I've done in a long time. Your products and your staff are impressive. Keep up the great work." - Marily A.